Redlatif members met at NOAA, Md, the first week of October 2018.  The meeting was held with START support.

Since the last meeting in INPE, the netwok has been using GEE to evaluate the potential of time series to improve Burned Area detection. A new model is under review, which is based on maximum values of prefire-NBR-values and the filtering of clouds, shadows and bare soils. Preliminary results were presented  in the ForestSAT 2018 (POSTER), organized by The University of Maryland and NASA Goddard space flight center.

Find workshop report of NOAA 2018 meeting here


RedLatIF was present at the symposium SELPER Argentina 2016 and at the conference ForestSat Chile 2016.  Several presentations were made about the network and current projects.  To highlight, the presentation of Alberto Setzer given the added value of fire pixels (reports, tables, summary, etc).  All presentations from ForestSat Fire meeting are available at the GOFC-FIRE page:

Buned Area detection usign Google Earth Engine

RedLatIF network presentation

INPE presentation        See also:    www.inpe.br/queimadas


The GOFC Fire meeting was held in the context of the ForestSat  2016 conference, for more details please visit:

Fire IT Meeting 2016


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Fire Pixels Map (48 hours)


Fire Risk Map (forcast 24 hours)











Vegetation fires in communication media

This new section of the RedLaTIF portal presents an analysis of the news in the media and graphics with the occurrence of vegetation fires in Latin America in 2014.



More details (news analysis about fires in Latin America, graphs and maps)