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Network meeting at NOAA, first week of October, 2018.

Network under the GOFC/GOLD-Fire Mapping and Monitoring Theme.

Download HERE the agenda.

In order to cope with the large geographic representation, RedLaTIF members started
cloud-networking activities during the network’s 2015 workshop in Sao Jose dos Campos/Brazil
using the Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE), which allows code and expertise sharing
within a common framework. Google was the platform of choice, including Google Earth Engine
(GEE) as a mean to share code and explore remote sensing data from the cloud. The collaborative
initiative continued via online exchange, and was the main theme of the network’s 2017 workshop
in Mexico City (Mexico).  Preliminary results from the 2017 workshop in
Mexico City included a scientific manuscript, which was published in Revista de Teledetección.